Actors That Will Make Me More Likely to See a Movie

(In case you missed it, I am an fan of The Office).
  1. John Krasinski
    #1 love. I know the movies he's been in aren't always wonderful or huge box office hits. Ask me if I care, though. Go ahead, ask.
  2. Emily Blunt
    Krasinski's other half. Dying to see Sicario. And just so you know she and her husband are doing the voice work of Animal Crackers which comes out sometime next year. So there's that!
  3. Jenna Fischer
    @JennaFischer Okay, so she hasn't really been in any movies lately. But if/when that changes, I will be running over people in the parking lot to be there first. So stay sharp.
  4. Amy Poehler
    Funniest lady alive. She was the most perfect choice to play Joy in Inside Out.
  5. Steve Carell
    Another person I adore. Such a versatile actor.
  6. Sandra Bullock
    It's been awhile since I have seen her in a movie. But her past movies have serious rewatchabilty so I'd be there.
  7. Julia Robert
    Same for Julia Roberts.