There are about 200 episodes that make up nine seasons. So I have a LOT of favorites.
  1. Basketball
    Pam secretly checking out Jim. Jim/John and his basketball skills. Sweatiness.
  2. The Dundies
    Pam is the best in this episode. Her acceptance speech. That kiss. Second drink.
  3. Email Surveillance
    Mostly because Pam is at Jim's house. Without Roy. And we get to see a kind side of Jim when he joins Michael in karaoke.
  4. The Injury
    "Dwight, what's your middle name?" "Danger". "It's Kurt. Wow. I am so sad I know that."
  5. Casino Night
    That single tear running down Jim's cheek. I cry every single time I watch this episode. But seriously. Who doesn't?
  6. Christmas Party
    Even though I get so mad at Pam for choosing the video iPod over the teapot, I do get over it when she eventually trades with Dwight to get it back. How does Jim even handle moments like these without flipping out?
  7. Drug Testing
    Pam is so fun to watch in this episode. She's just a bundle of energy.
  8. Branch Wars
    It just makes me laugh. The best moments are when Jim is in the car, communicating with Michael and Dwight over walkie-talkies.
  9. Dinner Party
    The outtakes to this episode are the best. Knowing how hard some of their scenes were to get through absolutely adds to my enjoyment of this episode.
  10. Weight Loss
    Because Jim proposes to Pam!
  11. The Surplus
    This is the first time we really get to see the playful back and forth bickering between Jim and Pam. When she dumps out the tiramisu in front of his face, I die laughing.I will always love this episode!
  12. New Boss
    Tuxedo Jim. Classy.
  13. Viewing Party
    Dwight calming Cece. Jim feeding him beer and pizza. The moment when Michael realizes how important he is to Erin's life. It's just a good episode.
  14. Classy Christmas
    I just love this episode so much! Jim and Pam's gift exchange. Holly and Michael together again. Jim trying to be brave for the camera when he sees all the snowmen in the parking lot. :)
  15. PDA
    We took a walk.
  16. Garage Sale
    Because of Michael's proposal to Holly. And Pam's reaction to the engagement ring he spent three years salary on.
  17. Jury Duty
    One of the rare occasions we see the four Halperts together.
  18. Company Loyalty
    I actually have a love/hate relationship with this one. HATE Jim and Pam's fight over the phone, but it's also played so well. I don't know.
  19. AARM
    The DVD the crew made for Jim for Pam. The return of the teapot note! "Not enough for me? You are everything." And Dwight proposes to Angela, in the most Dwight way possible!
  20. Finale
    The return of Michael Scott. 💗
  21. Booze Cruise
    Glaring omission. This is a very emotional episode. Played beautifully by John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, and Steve Carell.