I will forever associate these songs with The Office! @bjnovak @mindy
  1. The Little Drummer Boy
    Starting with this one bc the fact that Dwight is humming/singing this in the pilot episode means absolutely nothing to us until later in the series.
  2. Islands in the Stream
    This one made an impact on me for two reasons. 1) it showed how much Michael sought acceptance and how sweet Jim was to join him and then 2) the morning after the finale aired, I still was completely raw. I decided to take it easy on myself on the way to work and just listen to some instrumental music. Right before I reached the entrance to the interstate, an instrumental version of this song started playing. It's hard to merge into traffic when you are sobbing.
  3. The Rainbow Connection
    I've read an interview of @JennaFischer where she said that scene was shot at like 6:30 in the morning and she had the hardest time not laughing. You can see it in her eyes, too.
    I feel like no explanation is needed for this one.
  5. The Heart of Rock and Roll by Bruce Springsteen
    Or…Huey Lewis and the News…Same difference. 😄
  6. Crazy in Love
    This was a pretty nice moment. Roy shows up to the Diwali festival, only to see Pam dancing happily with another man. And she looked super cute as well!
  7. The Name Game
    "Michael" "Stanley! Bo-banly" "I need to know-" "Banana-fana-fo-fanly" "-what we're doing--" "Me-mi-mo-manly" "You said 'bring a toothbrush'" "Stanley." This show! I tell you… 😂
  8. The Lion Sleeps Tonight
    Jim singing this because he knows Andy will not be able to resist and that it will cheer him up. Even though he was completely annoyed by him all day.
  9. Stayin' Alive
    I feel so sorry for the CPR instructor but at the same time, I cry laughing. Every. Single. Time.
  10. Forever
    This song 100% belongs to Jim and Pam's wedding! Which leads to one of the best Jim quotes, "I bought those boat tickets the day I saw that You Tube video. I knew we'd need a back-up plan. The boat was actually Plan C. The church was Plan B and Plan A was marrying her a long, long time ago. Pretty much the day I met her." 😭
  11. Open Your Eyes
    This reduced me to a sobbing MESS that night. And my husband, who doesn't even watch The Office, cried as well. Because what human wouldn't? And then when he pulled the teapot note out, I am pretty sure my heart stopped beating.
  12. Zombie by the cranberries? I cannot hear that song and not think of Andy
    Suggested by @simmsrachel7852