Inspired by @olivi_ahh
  1. Military brats
    Especially brats who lived overseas.
  2. Lefties
    I notice when celebrities are left-handed as well. @JennaFischer 😊
  3. Moms of only boys
    We are so lucky. Boys are awesome. 💗
  4. Left turn weenies
    People who avoid left turns at all costs, choosing the obvious safer right hand turns. It may be hereditary as my mother is one.
  5. Preschool teachers
    Former and current
  6. Fans of The Office
  7. Social anxiety sufferers
    People who will hold in their coughs until they nearly suffocate so they won't bring any attention to themselves. People who get stressed if an unfamiliar restaurant hasn't posted their menu online and they can't choose what they want before arriving. People who would rather go with the flow than make waves. People who are relieved when plans get cancelled, even if they were looking forward to it.
  8. Dark chocolate lovers
  9. People who REALLY don't love housework.
  10. List App-ers who want to post more lists, but wonder how they fit in here.
    And I love it here! Everyone is so intelligent and witty. It just gets daunting every once in a while. 😏