Movies That Made Me Cry

Inspired by @shanaz I don't know. Possible spoilers?
  1. The War
    Saw this as a teenager--first movie that made me cry in a theater.
  2. Hope Floats
    If you've seen this movie, you know exactly what scene I am talking about. When Bernice, played by little Mae Whitman, cried hysterically on the sidewalk as her father drives away without her. He even took her suitcase back out of the trunk after she put it in AND honks at her to make her back away from the car. I sobbed in the theater. Loudly.
  3. Inside Out
    One quote from Joy did me in. "I just wanted Riley to be happy." BOOM. I was done. Because I think that is something every parent wants for their children, even though there are sad times along the way.
  4. Pay It Forward
    You know it. You know it well. The massive candlelight vigil in front of Trevor's home.
  5. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
    The moment the phone cuts off while he is talking to his wife and she looks out the window as the tower begins to collapse.
  6. Away We Go
    The trampoline scene. Number one: I can't take a teary John Krasinski. Cannot. So there are definitely more moments that I cried during this movie. Number two: Do you promise to let our daughter be fat or skinny or any weight at all? Because we want her to be happy, no matter what. Being obsessed with weight is just too cliché for our daughter.
  7. 13 Hours
    One of John Krasinski's final scenes just blew me away and I was mixed between being just so proud of his acting and the absolute heartbreak of the reality of the situation.