My Sister Came to Me in My Dreams

It rarely happens, but I'm not attributing it to National Sibling's Day. Just a very nice coincidence.
  1. She was killed by a drunk driver 12 years ago.
    Even now, those three words "she was killed" seem surreal.
  2. She was 19.
  3. In my dream, it was as if she had just been gone for a long time. Like, she lived somewhere else and finally came back to live closer to home.
  4. She was older but didn't seem to be as old as "going on 32".
    Which would happen this September.
  5. I remember telling her I've missed her so much.
  6. She had kids and they were pretty wild.
    I've always thought that if she'd lived to get married and have children, they'd be rambunctious, to say the least.
  7. That's about all I remember.
    But I know it was Becca. I don't know what triggered the dream but I sure didn't like waking up from it.
  8. So here are some things about Becca…
  9. She was not camera-shy.
    She was always looking to pose for a picture. I'm not saying she invented the selfie but if she got hold of your camera, once the pictures were developed, there was a 100% chance that she had turned the camera to herself and taken a picture. She passed away before social media became a thing. She would have been the social-est media-ist ever. And YouTube would have been her favorite. No one would have been safe around her. 😊
  10. She was a very strong Christian.
    And she hadn't been. Her teenage years were ROUGH. We grew up in church but once her faith became her own, she was on fire.
  11. She called an elderly lady from church, who was homebound, every day during her lunch. Just to chat and see how she was doing.
    I learned that at her memorial service. I had no idea.
  12. She knew Clueless inside out and could quote Cher's entire monologue about the Haiti-ans.
  13. She loved my boys with all her heart.
    Whenever we pulled up in the driveway, she would burst out of the house to be first to get them unbuckled from their carseats so they could play.
  14. The birth of my oldest son helped her heal.
    She was struggling so much and for a time was cutting. Admittedly, I was already out of the house and really didn't know the extent of it all. But I do have a picture of her holding him in her lap at Christmas with fading scars on her forearms.
  15. She used shoe polish to paint a happy face in the center of her steering wheel.
  16. If she was irritated with you, she would "elephant butt" you.
    Not what it sounds like. She would use sidewalk chalk on the driveway to draw an elephant sitting on a person. Only the legs were visible. Then she would draw an arrow at the person and write your name.
  17. I really miss her.
  18. Here are some pictures.