Places I forbade him to go without me. He's still cancer-free, though. So I'll forgive him. Eventually. :)
  1. Buc-ee's
    Just right out of the gate. For non-Texas residents, Buc-ee's are amazing gas stations. Fudge. Beef jerky. Amazing snacks. Bathroom stalls plentiful and clean and complete doors.
  2. In and Out
    Texas only has a few locations and none of them are in our region. That's okay, though. Whatever, honey. You do you.
  3. Pappadeaux
    Seafood restaurant. One of my favorites. Also no locations close to where we live.
  4. Bluebell Creameries in Brenham
    This is the best ice cream in the world. And it is slowly being rolled out again in different Texas cities. Again, not where we live. Not yet anyway.