I am seriously loving this show, @JennaFischer. And everyone needs to watch it.
  1. We share the same first name.
    Which, obviously, is Rhonda. 👍🏻
  2. We both are employed in a library.
    She, as an actual librarian; me, as a library specialist. Still works.
  3. We both have no idea how to loot a gas station.
    Honestly, I'd probably go for keychains or something. I always have to look at them but i never buy.
  4. Our husbands both have cancer.
    Well, my husband's cancer has been removed and so far has stayed away. Appendix cancer. Super rare. Crazy.
  5. Our sons both have mad computer skills.
    Hopefully, my son doesn't have the ability to hack. Or maybe not to the extent that Spike did, at least.
  6. We both would stop at nothing to reunite with our families in the event that we were separated during the apocalypse.
    Prison escape or not.