Texting Pet Peeves

  1. Trying to backspace and getting a row of m's.
  2. Adding a 'n' between words instead of a space.
  3. Cycling through 123 and ⬆️ in an attempt to find a symbol.
  4. And why were the hearts moved so far back in the emoji menu?
  5. Mine in between words letter is v and my backspace is l. I also dislike the placement of the 💩 emoji at the end of smileys. It should be either after food or in nature.
    Suggested by   @MichaelRose
  6. When I try to push space, but I don't so I just have a long string of words that I have to go back and fix.
    Suggested by   @supabg
  7. When I'm trying to search in safari and get .'s between each word instead of spaces
    May be just a lefty thing idk but it drives me nuts!.
    Suggested by   @LeahG