Curious to see everyone else's moment(s) as well :)
  1. The first Christmas party. When he was so happy to have Pam for Secret Santa. And he was explaining the bonus gifts and then he added the card--the teapot note!
  2. "Not a bad day"
    Obv 😊
    Suggested by @jessicaevekennedy
  3. When he found out Pam was pregnant and just grabs his head with tears in his eyes and has the biggest smile on his face!
    Before then, obviously, but this scene just reinforced it!
    Suggested by @collmurphy
  4. "The Dundies"
    2 reasons: First, because he got Michael Scott to revise his award to Pam. That in itself must've been a great accomplishment. And second, the way he was so shocked, yet so happy, when Pam kissed him.
    Suggested by @inculand
  5. i mean the first time he was ever on camera was 😍 but THIS
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    Suggested by @alicemh