When I lived in Germany as a child
  1. Kinder Eggs
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    So. Many. Kinder. Eggs.
  2. Paprika chips
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    Close to BBQ chips.
  3. Ritter Sport Alpenmilch
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  4. Haribo Gummi bears
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  5. Haribo Primavera Erdbeeren
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    Never once have I seen these in the states. And it is very sad.
  6. Kinder schokolade
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  7. Paper candy
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    Instead of monsters, I remember mice, though.
  8. Sugar pretzels
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    In the fall. For St. Martens' day.
  9. Babybel cheese
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    I'm not sure that there were as exotic as I thought they were at the time. :) Still love them though.
  10. Haribo Gummi cherries
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  11. Haribo Gummi strawberries
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  12. Ritter Sport Butterkek
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  13. Ritter Sport Joghurt
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  14. Brotchen
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    My mother sent me to buy them from the bakery in the Spar.
  15. Bockwurst
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    Also was sent by my mother to buy these.