Things I Bought at the 🇩🇪spar🇩🇪

When I lived in Germany as a child
  1. Kinder Eggs
    So. Many. Kinder. Eggs.
  2. Paprika chips
    Close to BBQ chips.
  3. Ritter Sport Alpenmilch
  4. Haribo Gummi bears
  5. Haribo Primavera Erdbeeren
    Never once have I seen these in the states. And it is very sad.
  6. Kinder schokolade
  7. Paper candy
    Instead of monsters, I remember mice, though.
  8. Sugar pretzels
    In the fall. For St. Martens' day.
  9. Babybel cheese
    I'm not sure that there were as exotic as I thought they were at the time. :) Still love them though.
  10. Haribo Gummi cherries
  11. Haribo Gummi strawberries
  12. Ritter Sport Butterkek
  13. Ritter Sport Joghurt
  14. Brotchen
    My mother sent me to buy them from the bakery in the Spar.
  15. Bockwurst
    Also was sent by my mother to buy these.