Things That Make Me Uncomfortable

Inspired by @biz The general theme seems to be I don't want an audience.
  1. Holding a crying baby in front of his or her parents
    I'm torn between trying harder to soothe their baby to give them a break or just handing the child back--indicating that I failed.
  2. Talking on the phone in front of someone.
    I can have a business conversation on the phone with no problem…until my boss or a patron is listening. Then my nouns and verbs disappear.
  3. Walking into the Admin section of the library
    Hate it. I avoid it as much as possible. Everyone is nice in there. I just feel woefully inadequate.
  4. Speaking in a meeting
    Just pretend like I'm not here. I signed the sheet. That should be enough.
  5. When my boss quotes anything from Fox News
    And I'm a conservative person. But I sure don't take anything from Fox News as gospel truth like he does.
  6. Driving with someone unfamiliar as my passenger
    I feel like they are judging my every move, which you would think would make me more careful. It generally makes me more likely to do something stupid.
  7. Killing bugs
    I want them dead, but I don't want to do it.
  8. Typing with an audience
    My fingers have a mind of their own when someone is near and watching me type. Good God, especially if they are behind me. Then all bets are off.
  9. Praying out loud
    I have meaningful conversations with God. In my head. Please don't ask me to bless the food, start the prayer circle, or pray aloud with you. I will most certainly pray in my heart, though. Guaranteed.
  10. Being home alone with a repairman
    That's how people get killed, right? I will keep my mom on the phone with me however long it takes.
  11. Parking garages
    These are more like a phobia. But I get uncomfortable if they are even mentioned as a good idea for parking. No, they are not!