Top 10 John Krasinski Moments (Plus a Bonus)

  1. Favorite interview ever
    Where John is recognized at a wine store but Matt Damon is not.
  2. Original Lip Sync Battle Champion.
    This was not a Jimmy Fallon creation. It was a John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, and Stephen Merchant creation. He brought it to Jimmy's show for this segment and it just took off.
  3. Remember the ice bucket challenge?
  4. Men's Health
    Very healthy man right here.
  5. The Kimmel School of Perfect Acting
    The outtakes were so great! 😂
  6. Pam's wedding vlog.
  7. Niagara.
    Jim finally got his girl. 💗
  8. I can just hear his squeaky laugh!
  9. Heartbreaking.
    Especially when you know the backstory. "…The last shot is my character saying goodbye to Steve’s character. The director called, ‘Action,’ and I started wailing from a place I had never been to emotionally. Spontaneously, I walked up and gave him a huge hug. It was these two grown men holding each other in an emotional breakdown."
  10. Heart soaring.
  11. Bonus: I'm actually in this one, wearing a gray jacket in the front row. Behind the hand of the man wearing the hat. Granted, you probably need a magnifying glass to see me but I promise you I'm there. Right next to my mother-in-law who is eating popcorn.
    It was an amazing night! My mother-in-law is the greatest because she made it possible for me to be there!