Some guys are meticulous and others are less so, and out of the less so, some of them wish they had more info. Not meant to talk down or imply there should be a zombie army. Also, buy less but better.
  1. James Perse "soft v neck" tshirt in all currently available colors
    The linen/cotton blend makes looking rumpled purposeful and the soft v is actually a v-neck mated with a crew neck which is very attractive albeit noncommittal. Purchase order: white, vintage black, and army green.
  2. WANT Les Essentiels de Vie Dopp Kit, black
    Sleek, simple, in durable coated canvas. Recommended brands to fill it with: Aesop, Marvis, and a beard oil of your choice jk.
  3. Weathered brown belt
    Can be purchased at a vintage store, there is always a rack with 800 options somewhere in there. Jetrag on La Brea is an option to explore but also all of them.
  4. Black bomber jacket
    Wear with dark denim for maximum effect, APC has a good one but so does Topshop.
  5. Nike for J. Crew Killshot 2 sneakers/trainers
    Pervasive but just a solid look. My friends and I call this the boyfriend shoe cause seemingly all of them own a pair but you probably know different people so it's ok.
  6. Alexander Wang linen striped tshirt (white/navy)
    Not too nautical but still stripey. V chill.
  7. Common Projects Original Achilles Sneaker
    A sneaker so boring and clean (visually) is a thing of beauty. Open color choice.
  8. LNA white crew neck tshirt
    This might seem to veer on the sheer side but if that's something you want to explore this is a good way to do it.
  9. American Apparel henley shirts
    Layering dream piece, cool on their own too though. I like white, navy, and black.
  10. J crew shorts
    Basic, also collectible. I think the 10.5" Stanton is best.
  11. Monoprix cashmere sweaters
    Monoprix is Target but for French people so it's way cooler. If you're in Paris ever, buy these in moderate bulk quantities.
  12. Rag & bone Chambray Beach Shirt
    A chambray button down is essential and less weirdly intense than its denim counterpart.
  13. Churchs Shannon Derby Shoes
    Investmentish but you'll wear these for eternity hopefully. Actually perfect.
  14. Oh yeah, denim
    This is such a personal matter, until further notice I am only recommending brands that are the better ones: Citizens of Humanity, Acne, Levi's, Frame, Rag & Bone, A.P.C.