1. "Don't tire yourself out!"
    One teammate yelled this to another during the 100 m dash. The 100m dash.
  2. "Track isn't a sport"
    Track isn't A sport; track is THE ORIGINAL sport. Anyone who says this can't run.
  3. "Ew! You're sweaty!"
    This was said by a sprinter to a distance runner when the sprinter hugged the distance runner after the 2 mile... Yeah, you might sweat a bit if you ran more than 100 m
  4. "Are there going to be hills?"
    The new kid on the team to the captain.
  5. "Does getting spiked hurt?"
    Nope! I love having a quarter inch metal spike driven into my knee at the start of an 800!
  6. "Why do you run?"
    Good question... But I also have a ton of answers (sometimes)