Drunken ramblings
  1. ...you will never stop loving the one that got away
  2. ...you will never get what you want when you want it
  3. ...people will complain to you about the very thing that you want, but they already have
  4. ...most people want to be heard, but rarely have the patience to listen to your thoughts
  5. ...sometimes people leave when you most need them
  6. ...those that leave do so because they are afraid of what you are going through and perhaps are unsure of how to help you
  7. ...we all take certain things for granted even though we know we shouldn't
  8. ...you sometimes have to lose
  9. ...people will forget your birthday if you don't have it on facebook
  10. ...hard times will pass if you persevere
  11. ...time flies
  12. ...there will always be things you regret doing or saying
  13. ...it's difficult to not overthink
  14. ...sometimes you have to reach out because people can't read your mind
  15. ...people will remember things you have said or done even if you have no memory of it
  16. ...everyone has doubts
  17. ...no one can see the huge pimple on your forehead that in reality is really tiny
  18. ...time flies; often times without you even realising it
  19. ...giving up is not the answer
  20. ...life is unfair
  21. ...sometimes life sucks
  22. ...I'm still learning
  23. ...I never want to stop learning