Have had a little too much to drink this Boxing Day. It's 3:10 am here and I'm on my way home on a cab...
  1. To be loved
    The kind where you don't need to say or do anything land you know someone cares for you. Where he doesn't care how you look. Or what you do. Where your happiness is all that matters. Where you are each other's world.
  2. To love
    You. To show you how special you are and how much you mean to me. To take care of you and shower you with the kindness you have showered me with. To light up your world like you have lit mine
  3. To run away
    To a place where I don't have to think about rent or utilities. Where I can just marvel at the beauty of the universe. To live freely amongst like minded people and not have to worry whether I'll have food on my table tomorrow
  4. To hug
    Every person I come across. To show them that they are special. To let them know they matter and that their presence on this earth makes a difference
  5. Eat some ice cream.