Not in any order
  1. Sleeping in
    Added bonus if it is a dreary, cold and rainy day
  2. A hot cup of coffee
  3. Hiking
    When you get to the top of a mountain and you can't believe you just walked all the way up ( even though throughout the hike up you were cursing every step of the way)
  4. A bath
    With bubbles and everything. A glass of wine maybe and a good book.
  5. Travelling to a new place
    Whether it be for holiday or work; being at the airport going somewhere I've never been fills me up with all the happy juices
  6. Staying up all night
    With a friend or friends
  7. Watching the sunrise or sunset
  8. Getting a text
    From your bff at the right moment. This is a fd you don't talk to often and maybe see once a year but they always seem to know the right moment to send a text. I wish everyone has that one friend like that
  9. Hugs
  10. A friend playing you a song on a musical instrument they just picked up
    He's played me a song on his harmonica, Chinese flute, guitar, ukulele and saxophone. He sings along sometimes too. He's the guy I've crushed on the longest and just recently got married....still makes me happy though when he finds the time to play me a song...although it's kind of tough now that he's got a wife
  11. Dancing
    Better when you are just the right kind of tipsy and don't really care what anyone thinks!
  12. Buying a new book
  13. I'm sure I'll keep adding to the list