1. Thugged out dude born with a name like Billy or William but on instagram is "StrongWilled" which is nicely complimented below by said bro's adjective laced bio, complete with heritage, a quick dash of a million emojis, and an inspirational quote to top it off.
  2. High class cunts (men and women) who need this ultra clean white border around everything... Well life isn't all rainbows and butterflies for all of us sister..
  3. Girl you went to high school with that you liked up until she became wifed up and started slinging beauty products and other pyramid scheme related bullshit on all the social medias.
  4. The young unsigned hype type that may never make it but damn, just sold you some dank! #YoUcaNHATEMEnowW (Note: this type although similar to the thugged out dude would kill the emotional thugged out dude in a fight)
  5. People that repost from the most popular meme accounts seconds after they post. Why??
  6. People that like photos that have just literally been stolen seconds before by the account right under. Why??
  7. The humblebrag on instgram, work can wait, I'm still in this entry level job type.
  8. The dude who not only takes selfies but really takes it like a girl. #YoureBasicallyModellingForPeopleYouWentToHSWithAndThenSomeYouKnowThatsLikeTheOppositeOfMasculineRight?
  9. Some chick that's private that looks kinda hot in her little default.