As my good friends know (basically: 1 friend, 3 sisters, 1 husband), I'm ridiculous about my literature. I won't read anything that has been published after the 80's and I can't stand books with poor language. Despite the stick up my butt, I still have a few authors that I think highly of.
  1. Ernest Hemingway
    The first thing that popped into my head was "yass daddy!" so I'm keeping it. Though you have to know that I wasn't always keen on the hem but he made me smile one time and I didn't regret it.
  2. John Steinbeck
    I still haven't had enough of you and Charley! This guy is my grandfather sitting on his old chair telling stories about his life. You really don't want to hear it anymore but when you do, it stays with you and creates a semi-comfortable feeling in your chest.
  3. Jack Kerouac
    Once upon a time, we were married on Facebook and it was the happiest day of my life. I'm not very happy about the Beat Generation (they're ok I guess) but dear Jack is the reason I put my fingers down to write every single time. His brain is like fire and ice, his heart is everyone's feelings, and his nature is softer than the naked world. I love him.
  4. Herman Hesse
    He gives me a certain foreign feeling that triggers me to create. The writers I like the most are the ones who make me active even when I'm sitting, cross-legged and half-brained. He's nothing I know and I want to know it all. I like his individual behavior more than anyone else's.