Bands that played the Atlanta music scene in the 80's that I thought would hit it big, but never did

Or at least make a bigger splash than they did...
  1. Catbird Seat
  2. Drivin' N Cryin'
    Ok, they had some modest success
  3. 86
  4. Holly Faith
  5. LMNOP
  6. The Swimming Pool Cues
  7. So Inclined
  8. The Pigs
  9. The Jody Grind
  10. Billy Pilgrim
  11. Insane Jane
  12. Michelle Malone
  13. Pylon
    SOME success just like DNC, but I cannot express how revolutionary they were and how HUGE I thought they'd be.
  14. Guadalcanal Diary
  15. Gerard McHugh
  16. Big Fish Ensemble
  17. Arms Akimbo