(snow day, client cancells , cholera epidemic at the office, etc.
  1. Movie Marathon! Have you ever watched all the Harry potter series back to back? Well, get on it.
  2. Go for a long bike ride or hike. You'll feel less guilty about escaping your schedule.
  3. Visit your Mom. She misses you.
  4. Finish -ok- start that story you've been meaning to write.
  5. Go exploring. Try a new restaurant or just find out where that road you pass every day actually goes.
  6. Read a book in a hammock. A real juicy mental- junk food one. Finish the whole thing in one sitting.
  7. Build a fort in the living room out of a box fan and a blanket. Hide inside.
  8. Get your oil changed, pick up the dry cleaning, get ahead of the game so you'll have the whole weekend free!
  9. Make macaroni and cheese. You know you want to.