Tips from my 1972 Boy Scout Handbook

  1. Flip pancakes when bubbles appear and start to pop near the center.
  2. Carry about 1/5th of your body weight in your back pack.
  3. Seal vegetables and meat together in aluminum foil and cook directly on the coals of your campfire.
  4. Measure off 100 feet. Walk that distance and count your steps. Doing this repeatedly and taking the average gives you an idea of how much ground your natural stride covers and allows you to measure distance by counting steps.
  5. Cheese between Apple slices creates a sandwich that won't make you thirsty.
  6. Hike in groups of 3. If you are hurt, one of your comrades can go for help while one stays with you.
  7. Fasten your sleeve to the front of your shirt or coat with a safety pin to make a quick sling for a hurt arm.
  8. Moss usually grows heaviest on the North side of trees.
  9. If you have to kill a man with your Scout knife, cut the interior of his leg up near the groin to open the femoral artery.