40 years as a martial artist, and it all comes down to this...
  1. Stick a finger into the hollow at the base of someone's throat. Crook it slightly. A little bit in and a little bit down can bring an opponent to their knees. I call it the Magic Spot.
  2. Grab someone's wrist and twirl it in an arc like a jump rope until their elbow faces up, then press down on said elbow with your other hand. Put some body weight behind it and you have a pretty fair arm bar. Clasp your hands together and do that same arc yourself to break out of a wrist grab.
  3. Jerking your knee up and turning it slightly to cover your groin is a good defense against most low kicks.
  4. Point your hands at them like you are praying and look over it like a gun sight. Whichever side the punch is coming from, move that hand to intercept. Slam your other heel palm into their nose or chin.
  5. Grab someone's ears and twist their head and you can force them to the ground pretty easily.
  6. Stomp your heel into the top of someone's foot, slightly to the outer side, to escape a bear hug.
  7. A series of loud fake sneezes in someone's face will move just about anyone out of your way without violence.