Because seasonal affective disorder is real. Real lame.
  1. First of all, lists.
    Effective, and they run my life. "Lover of lists" were three actual words in my Tinder profile, when I actually had one.
  2. Mindy-fuckin-Kaling.
    If I could have a television genie grant me one wish, it would be a reality series starring Mindy Lahiri mentoring Kelly Kapoor in all things.
  3. First pre-holiday, post-summer chilly weather.
    Aka when it finally drops below 75 in November. I get it, it's not "real fall," but I live in LA and this is about all we get, just let me have this one, okay?!
  4. Starbucks red cups.
    Again, I get it. Basic-est of bitches. I don't care.
  5. Perfectly straight teeth.
    Probably stems from jealousy, or maybe some time spent working at a dental office. But perfectly straight, even, white teeth? Hawt. I'd veneer all of mine if I could.
  6. Heels that don't hurt.
    Strictly vanity. Also, 18 year old me decided to put that I was 5'5 on my license. I don't think people have seen my actual height in years.