1. Music
    Performing it, writing, listening and watching it are all wonderful parts of what I get to do for a living.
  2. My Grandfather's art
    Particularly love this painting of a landscape w swans - Norman Nichols
  3. Meowser
    The sweetest kitty ever :)❤️
  4. Huskies
    One day I'd like to own a few, but till then following a ton of IG dedicated to Huskies will have to do.
  5. Macarons and wine
    Both make me a very happy lady.
  6. Puns!
    The best! I love puns😍 also punishing others by making strings of puns in every situation I mm priceless.
  7. Russia.
    Since I was a kid... No explanation really, but I've done a ton of reading and research on the Romanov family.