Beautiful Places I want to visit in every State!

Part 2!
  1. Hawaii: Haiku Stairs of Oahu
    Known as the stairway to heaven, this steep hiking trail along Ko'olau Mountain is probably the most scenic climb in the entire country.
  2. Idaho: Rolling Hills of the Palouse
    Nicknamed "The Tuscany of America" and for good reason.
  3. Illinois: Starved Rock State Park
    Hike along one of the Starved Rock's 13 trails and you'll find 18 colorful canyons, along with sandstone overhangs and cascading waterfalls
  4. Indiana: Brown County State Park
    Fall in Indiana is practically unbeatable most say, and the Brown County State Park known as the "lil smokies", is the best place to see the changing leaves
  5. Iowa: Pikes Peak State Park
    I threw up on the top of Pikes Peak (the same virus that got me in Colorado) but that didn't make its most notable 500-ft cliff overlooking the Upper Mississippi River any less breathtaking.
  6. Kansas: The Monument Rocks
    A surprising sight to find in the country's flattest state, these chalk formations rise up to 70 feet, forming buttes and arches
  7. Kentucky: Cumberland Gap National Historical Park
    Take the 2,400 foot hike to Pinnacle Overlook for views of Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia. When the weather is right, you can even catch a glimpse of the Great Smoky Mountains
  8. Louisiana: Avery Island
    An island located about 140 miles from New Orleans is beautiful and strangely enough it's the home of the factory where all the Tabasco hot sauce is made
  9. Maine: Acadia National Park
    Second only to Glacier National Park in my eyes, Acadia is one of the most incredible National Parks I have ever been. Hiking to the top of Cadillac mountain to see the first place the sun rises in the U.S. is truly a bucket-list experience.
  10. Maryland: Clear Meadow Farm
    What is more beautiful and eye-catching than an entire field of golden sunflowers?