1. @weworewhat
    Favorite fashion blogger and has very similar style to my own.
  2. I mean, come on. You should be surprised I didn't add Gigi Hadid or any of the other millions of models I envy-follow.
  3. @TiNy.homes
    It's just a bunch of small homes for hipster traveling, but the sleek and homey architecture in such a small space gets me every time.
  4. @pronovias
    I may be a single 18 year old, but I still love looking at wedding dresses ok?
  5. @paperfashions
    Art. Fashion. Sometimes glitter. Need I say more?
  6. @thephotosociety
    NatGeo. Animals. Cool pictures. Enough said.
  7. @colesprouse
    No matter if you're on this account or one of his other three (because why have just one if you're Cole Sprouse), it is always filled with beautiful photography and the most eloquently made captions, probably ever in history. *heart eyes*