Hey, I work hard. Want to get my money's worth. Also,it's Friday (cue Rebecca Black)
  1. little Osaka sour drink
  2. Shot of high west whiskey
  3. Pitchfork Pear Cider (I like pear ciders. hard pear ciders)
  4. Pickles-Kombu dill, spicy cucumber, egg in pickle juice, chorizo sausage pickle
  5. Portobello Mushroom
  6. Baked Crap Dip
  7. Spicy Chili Fries-shared these apps. Don't judge me
  8. Another Pear Cider
  9. Another shot of high west whiskey (our boss is trying to make up for it being a hard couple of months at work) ((just took it. Found out it was a Fireball shot. All good))
  10. Chefs Favorite-Medium
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  11. High West whiskey with a diet coke
  12. Pear cider
  13. Fancy ice cream sandwich. Need to lay down. Team Work!