"I can see right thru them"-Becky Bailey
  1. Tom Hanks- "he thinks he's soooo funny"
  2. Julia Roberts-"I don't buy her as Erin Brokavich for one minute"
  3. ET-"when I first saw him I wanted to run out of the theater. Just awful"
  4. Bill Clinton-"I wouldn't trust him in a room alone with me or anyone for that matter"
  5. Adele-"no thanks"
  6. Jon Bon Jovi -"I met him once and he think his, pardon my French, shit, doesn't stink"
  7. Jay Leno-"enough with the denim already"
  8. Charles Barkley-"you can tell he overindulges"
  9. The cast of The Big Bang Theory-"your dad loves them but I just don't buy it. They're grating"
  10. Kanye West-"he's got whats coming to him with those kardashians"