People and Things I Spend Way to Much Time Thinking About.

  1. Gary-One of the "fathers" from MTV's Teen Mom. I often think about how he's doing and that I hope he's getting by ok.
  2. Richard Simmons-Read an article in the paper "TMZ" about how he might be a shut in now. This really upset me and now I think about him everyday and hope to see him dancing around on a talk show again soon. As it should be.
  3. Michelle Pfeiffer-Why hasn't there been a Pfeifferaissance? I grew up worshipping her and watching The Russia House and Grease 2 more than any 10 year old should. I wonder about who represents her and hope she has the right "team" behind her.
  4. Ben Affleck-Not so much Ben himself but I wonder at least once a day if he'll be any good as the new Batman. I really worry about this. Supposedly he's going to be Batman in like 12 crossover movies and if he can't pull it off I'm in for a long ride with Ben. I hope for the best.
  5. My Parents-What's their deal? They retired recently and are all the sudden into all these activities. When I was growing up they just worked and didn't have any friends. Now they are always out at an event with their gaggle of retired friends. My Mom's in two book clubs. TWO! I have no savings.
  6. Robert Durst-I know this isn't unique and we are all thinking about him. Since he's come into my life he's pretty much been there non stop. My obsession even led me to watch that Ryan Gosling movie All Good Things. It was on Netflix streaming but if I'm being honest I would have paid to watch it.
  7. French Montana-I don't know where to begin with him. Never heard his music. And just recently was told he made music. I always think about how he lives day to day and what colorful piece of clothing he's going to wear next. He looks like the son of the guy who sang The Humpty Dance.
  8. Peter Dinklage-(spoiler alert) Was really pumped he made it out alive on this last season of GOT but now I obsess if he's going to make it thru this season. My friends say that I could just read the books but I don't have time for that. Trying to get thru that Going Clear book about Scientology.
  9. Scientology- 'nuff said
  10. My Dog-Whats her deal? She's the best, obviously, but I can't help wondering what she's thinking about all the time. My fear is that she seems into me cuz I give her food and treats and toys. I'll never know the answer to this. I hope she's happy with hanging with me.