People that I fantasized were my Dad

I love my dad but thru the years I've fantasized about having other dads.
  1. Ozzy Osbourne
    He seemed so nice on that reality show.
  2. Bill Cosby
    This was around 2002. Before all the crap came out. Once again, he seemed really nice on his show.
  3. Paul Reiser
    People say we look alike and he seems nice enough
  4. Batman
    Like I would be his son but also Robin. He grew up without a dad so I think he would probably go the extra mile. Minus putting u in harms way fighting criminals.
  5. OJ
    I have no basis for this except that I've been in love with the OJ documentary that's been on all week. Just top notch.
  6. Howard Stern
    I like his radio show and I feel he's shaped me in certain ways. He'd be a good dad I think.
  7. Gary from Teen Mom
    He seems like he cares. He makes me laugh.
  8. Papa John
    This is no brainer. Papa is his first name.
  9. My actual Dad
    I'm pretty lucky my dads the best. Don't need any of these other jokers. Plus he had a cool Afro in the 80s that made him look like 70s Don Henley. I don't think my dad is on list but in case he's on here making a list about other sons he's fantasized about having I want to say "I love you dad!"