There are pros and cons of both, but here's some of the main reasons why I switched.
  1. Apple Music exclusive content.
    Apple has snagged A LOT of exclusive albums and content and Spotify can't seem to really snag any.
  2. Apple makes it easy to find new (good) music.
    Apple Music knows how to highlight new albums and artists front and center in its own tab on the app that's full of great brand new singles and albums.
  3. Beats 1 radio.
    It's just incredible. Zane Lowe is the man and I love what he's doing on this brand new platform and project.
  4. Existing iTunes library.
    It's great that I get to have my already existing iTunes library from years and years ago still exist with the brand new music I discover every day.
  5. Spotify still has a better UI.
    But sometimes it seems repetitive and I still go back to discovering new music and Apple does a great job of that. The only way I found new music in Spotify is if I went through a lot of "mood" playlists which are great, but they were never really GREAT songs, they just captured that mood. But I want quality music discovery. And I believe Apple does that just a bit better than Spotify.
  6. iOS 10 is coming up with a refreshed Apple Music UI.
    Which is going to be much needed with hopefully a few new features.