At least people now know how to pronounce it correctly...
  1. Is your last name really "Bieber"?
    Yes. Why the hell would I lie about something like this? You can't really choose your last name. You're kind of born with it.
  2. Are you related to Justin Bieber?
    The truth: Yes. Distantly. My great aunt (my grandma's sister) is a genealogist. Thus, through extensive research, we discover I am 7th cousins with Justin Bieber. Which means we have the same great great great great great great grandpa. But then again, I'm probably 7th cousins with you.
  3. Have you ever had thanksgiving with him or his family?
    First, why thanksgiving of all holidays? Second, no. But I do wonder what that would look like...
  4. Do people ever give you trash for your last name?
    No, because I can stand up for myself.
  5. Have you ever met him?
    No. But if I have, you would defiantly know.
  6. Do you want to meet him?
    Duh! I think it would be really cool to meet my long lost celebrity cousin. Kick it with him for the day, take a few pictures, eat some good food. I'd be down.
  7. Justin (or anyone who's close with him) - if you read this, let's hang out.
    I'm serious.