1. Solarbabies
    Spacey rollerskatey action! Still as spacey or will my jaded brain not buy that you can skate over an entire desert planet and space stations?
  2. Cloak and Dagger
    Though technically it may not be sci-fi it's still about a living video game hallucination. Also creepy grandparents as villains!
  3. E.T.
    I just hope I don't cry in front of them. Although if I do that's a good sign it holds up.
  4. Mack and Me
    Saw it in my middle school years. Does the alien's mouth still look vaginal?
  5. Beastmaster
    Boobs and ferrets and quicksand. Please be as cool as you are in my semi-monthly dreams.
  6. Krull
    What a cool knifey throwing thing! My shitty 80s Nerf boomerang was a decent substitute on the Star Lake Elementary playground. Does it still hold water?
  7. Willow
    Was Martigan mad enough?
  8. The Black Hole
    Knife spinning evil red robot was totally radical. Clean big eyed friend bot also cool. Will I still feel sorry for banged up, far inferior, big eyed scrap heap bot?