My wife teaches at a prestigious Pasadena area school. I am a script coordinator and aspiring writer. This is our story (Law and Order dunh dunh)
  1. Best: she knows a lot about classroom management and child behavior and how to use those skills to her advantage.
  2. Worst: she knows a lot about classroom management and child behavior and I don't know how to use those skills to my advantage.
  3. Best: she can create amazing art projects for the kids to create at the drop of a hat.
  4. Worst: the art projects add up.
  5. Best: we get a nice discount for our kids to attend the private school.
  6. Worst: we are surrounded by wonderful but very rich families who can buy and sell us in a New York minute
  7. Best: they all ride to their school together each morning
  8. Worst: I miss out on the car talk (but also best, as I get 20 min to have a quiet coffee before I deal with my next round of Hollywood's TV children)
  9. Best: we own ALL THE CRAYONS
  10. Best: my girl has mad taste in cutting edge children's lit
  11. Best: Book Fairs!
  12. Best: my wife's class overlooks our 4 yr olds playground
  13. Worst: the 4 yr old may develop playground paranoia
  14. Best: we crush the Halloween Carnival with our height specific costume choices
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  15. Worst: adult/child Hobbit costumes will nickel and dime ya
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