My favorite show came to Washington state. And I was ready...
  1. My physical challenge prowess frightened the judges
  2. Marc Sommers and I had an awkward conversation that I now realize was being filmed.
  3. Jason McNulty was a poor partner choice. "Judges were everywhere. Big brother style. Couldn't you have stepped up your game McNulty?"
  4. I went big and wore a bright neon pink BIO shirt from Mr. Rags. (Mr. Rags was the height of Seattle pre-teen fashion at the time. BIO stood for Bring It On. In hindsight may have been too bold).
  5. I was confident but nervous. After all this was "Double Dare". Society's ultimate prize. Pre-Hunger/Ender's Game movies.
  6. The production team had a bias towards flannel.
  7. I wasn't part of a male/female team. All four selected Seattle teams were. Sorry I didn't pick you, younger sister Jill.
  8. 25 years later: Is "Family Double Dare" still a thing?