Screenshots I Have on My Phone, Explained

There are perfectly good reasons for all of these. I promise.
  1. This dude has my same name, and he wears a dog as a backpack.
  2. This is a real Neil Patel testimonial that I thought was totally repugnant so I took a screenshot.
  3. Donald Trump came in dead last in Utah's caucus last week. In UTAH'S caucus. Pretty proud of my state.
  4. I refuse to swipe away from my home screen so I have a lot of folders. I shared this screenshot with my team to see if they'd judge me. They did.
  5. The most OC sign that ever existed (at the Irvine amphitheater)
  6. Divers photoshopped on toilet seats. I had to screen grab this. Otherwise I couldn't have texted to all my friends.
  7. My friend drew this picture of me.
  8. Someone had this magazine delivered to my house. I still have no idea who.