A short list of the sermon prep tools I love and use each week.
  1. My Bible
    I currently prep and preach from a calfskin ESV New Classic Reference Edition.
  2. A Notebook
    I switch this up frequently, but love moleskines.
  3. MacBook Air
    I have an 11-inch and its my favorite computer I've ever owned.
  4. Sharpie Pens
    My friend @JoeThorn got me hooked on the fine tips. I use both red and black.
  5. Evernote
    I have a folder for each series and a note for each sermon within that folder. It gives me the ability to keep everything in one place and to be able to add thoughts from my phone when I'm not at my computer. If you're a preacher and not using Evernote, you should really consider it.
  6. Logos
    Logos is a Bible study app that makes all my commentary, lexicons, dictionaries, etc searchable. Saved hours in research and thousands of $ in hard copy books. I use Logos 6 and have the platinum package. They also have a great mobile app that helps prep on the go. Expensive but worth it.
  7. Spotify
    Some may prefer silence for study but I like to listen to music. Spotify is great for that. Currently building a Bluegrass playlist. I have a premium account so I don't have to listen to ads. Syncs across devices and great for discovering new artists (artists make very little money from Spotify so if you find someone you like, buy their album).