Notes I Give Myself While Writing

  1. Be open.
    Don't think about if it's good enough or worthy of anything.
  2. Be realistic.
    Would it actually happen?
  3. Is it personal or is it something to share?
    I often struggle when writing, I think of sharing it automatically. Even if it's personal usually. Know when something is too personal to share to anyone.
  4. Know WHY you are writing this.
    If you're writing a short story, screenplay, etc. Give yourself some thoughts on why you might be writing it. You might not even have any thoughts. But it still gives some creative thoughts. In the end though, you really don't HAVE to know why you are writing anything.
  5. Don't write for other people.
    Don't write something so it can be shared and hopefully get followers or fame because of it. There's a difference between making money off of writing and being popular off of it. Do the writing for yourself. If you're doing it for anyone else, your writing won't be as personal to you.