1. Drink water.
    Water is so hydrating and it just feels fucking good to drink. If you're not a water person (used to be me), try adding cucumbers, lemon, watermelon, strawberries, etc. SO BOMB.
  2. Breathe.
    Take a moment to just breathe. I know that sounds obvious and just dumb. Like what? You're already breathing??? I know. But really—just take a moment to inhale, then exhale. Look at your hands, look at your feet, look at yourself, and how beautiful you are.
  3. Talk to Someone.
    Talk to anyone or anything. Talk to a friend and tell them a story or have them tell you one. If you don't have a friend or anyone, talk to animal and look at how cute the animal is. They'll listen. Even a stuffed animal works.
  4. Write.
    Write all your shit out. Let it out. Get it out of you. I'm writing this right now and let me say it feels fucking good.
  5. Dance.
    Yes! Fucking dance. It feels so good. Put on your favorite song and let loose!
  6. Work Out.
    This isn't always the best idea for me, especially if I'm super stressed which leads to me being sad etc. One time I did start crying when I started working out. But that was only once. All the other times, I did my work out and really felt those endorphins. Feels good to sweat and use your body.