12 Songs I'm Obsessed With This Week (11.02.15)

I'm a music nerd. I have been ever since I can remember. I love almost all kinds (sorry to the country and metalcore fans, but just not my thing). Basically everything else is fair game. Here are some of my favorites I'm listening to this week that you should hear and download if you haven't already!
  1. "Cooler" by Phases
  2. "Obvious" by Awa
  3. "Back To You" by Kolidescopes
  4. "King's Cup" by Charlee Remitz
  5. "Out Of Touch" by BETABLOCK3R
  6. "Bleeding Love" by ASTR
  7. "Afterlife (Frank Pole Remix)" by Greyson Chance
  8. "Back To You" by The FLIGHTS
  9. "Love For That" by Mura Masa ft. Shura
  10. "All Night" by Youth
  11. "Need Ur Luv (Japanese Wallpaper Rework)" by Charli XCX
  12. "Tectonic" by Brendan Maclean