I'm a music nerd. I have been ever since I can remember. I love almost all kinds (sorry to the country and metalcore fans, but just not my thing). Basically everything else is fair game. Here are some of my favorites I'm listening to this week that you should hear and download if you haven't already!
  1. "Lost" by Donkeyboy
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  2. "Fast Lane (Jamie Lidell Remix)" by Rationale
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  3. "I Don't Wanna See You With Her" by Maria Mena
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  4. "Speechless" by Candyland ft. RKCB
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  5. "Away From Me (Michah Remix)" by CHINAH
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  6. "Yours Truly" by Mr FijiWiji ft. Danyka Nadeau
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  7. "Good When We're Together" by Kav Verhouzer ft. Cooperated Souls
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  8. "Miracles" by Martin Jensen ft. Bjørnskov
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  9. "Fragile" by ROZES
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  10. "Nobody's Better" by Z ft. Fetty Wap
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  11. "King" by Grades
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  12. "Fallen" by ARMNHMR ft. Desiree Dawson
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