Craziest Things I've Seen While Working in Vegas

List request via @ItsTheRealAJ! (I didn't even know you could request lists from other people?!) I probably can't/shouldn't publicly state a LOT of things I've seen in Vegas while working, but here are some :)
  1. A celeb (who I used to love but now lost all respect for) not only arrive an hour late for her gig (I mean that's kinda usual), but then pout like a baby for being paid to be there. Then she made everyone wait 30 MORE minutes while we tracked down her stylist for an "appearance approval" so we could take ONE WHOLE PHOTOGRAPH of her.
  2. This.
  3. A watch made out of a Ferrari worth half a mil.
  4. Sooooo many penthouses worth tens of thousands of dollars per night.
  5. Pretty much every "famous" porn star in existence in the same room. Twice.
  6. The world's oldest martini (the liquors used were reallllllllllllly aged).
  7. Tyra Banks.
  8. The amount of tourists who publicly puke like all over casino carpets or in a parking garage gets out of hand. I've seen this more times than I can count, but it's still so crazy to me.
  9. This person's front door.
  10. Real Fergie meeting wax statue Fergie. It was my first Vegas work gig involving a celebrity and I was geeking. While loading my phone with photos of double Fergie, I turned to my left and Josh Duhamel was standing right. next. to. me. Like not even a foot away. Right by my actual side. 😍
  11. A man walk on the ceiling.
  12. I saw, and then laid down in, a bed that was most recently used by the Biebs.
  13. Honestly, I've been #blessed to work with some clients that offer crazyy beautiful views of Las Vegas.
  14. One of the Spice Girls half naked.