Puppy on the Screen: An Amalgamation of Photos I Have of My Dog Dusty on My Cellular Device

At just 10 months old, my dog Dusty is insane. I love her, but she crazy. That said, she's hella cute and sometimes she takes adorable pictures. I never want to be the person who posts about their pet nonstop, so here's my one and only list (so far.......) dedicated to my pup.
  1. The night we first got her (we've only had her for 4 months now). She was originally named Chica, which we were like no thx, so we renamed her Dusty, which is a long story not even worth telling tbh.
  2. Oh just hanging on the porch.
  3. So she's a Pom mix of some sort, but no clue what mix exactly. I think she's part fox. Or squirrel.
  4. Omg sleeping next to me while I work 😍
  5. When she said happy birthday to my brother by buying a helium balloon and tying it around her collar.
  6. Dusty loooooves this dog park.
  7. Dusty haaaaates this dog park.
  8. Splish splash, she likes taking a bath...and drinking all the soapy water, then coughing everywhere like an 85 year old woman.
  9. Oh here she is sleeping again.
  10. And again.
  11. That time she got her hair cut and they decked her out in weird Halloween attire and she wouldn't shut up about it so all my photos turned out crappy.
  12. Ordering a venti iced chestnut praline latte add shot no whip.
  13. Eating a doggy donut. The only proper thing she's ever done. (We come from a family of donut makers.)
  14. She ripped up a free brunch voucher (😒) at the best brunch spot in town (#BorderGrill what what)
  15. She likes her fake monkey more than me.
  16. Okay but legit she's the best. I love her so much.