Because my San Fran weekend had me all unprepared for Monday.
  1. An extra day off.
    Getting back home just hours before your Monday morning work day is hell. Take the extra day off to get organized before jumping back into your routine.
  2. Coffee.
    I got a coffee on the late night plane ride home. But I should've had someone greet me at the airport with Starbucks so I could wake up for the drive home and get things done before going to bed.
  3. Sleep.
    It might contradict the coffee, but no amount of caffeine could keep me from dreamland. A good sleep is so necessary after a vacation.
  4. A to-do list.
    When you get home, make a to-do list. Don't go overboard, but it'll help you prioritize for the next day when you're wishing you were still on vacation.
  5. Another trip to look forward to.
    Don't feel like it's the only vacation or time off you have for the next 5 years. Already have your next destination in mind and you'll be more motivated to work toward it.
  6. Netflix and chill.
    Good any time of the week, but it really is the best way to decompress after traveling.
  7. Playtime with your pet.
    I was so so so excited to see my dog. If you don't have a pet, get one.