Websites I Frequented in My Teenage Years

  1. Homestar Runner
  2. Used to be on this allllll the time in high school.
  3. Ask Jeeves
    Before Google was cool.
  4. Blue Mountain
    My introduction to e-cards.
  5. Salad Fingers
    This webseries creeped me the f out but I loved it so much.
  6. Live Journal
    All our emo asses writing novellas.
  7. Addicting Games
    97% of these games sucked but the other 3% could bring endless joy.
  8. Newgrounds
    I played the games on here when addicting games got less addicting.
  9. Xanga
    Suggested by   @ItsTheRealAJ
  10. Was the coolest gaming site at my jr high lol
    Suggested by   @ItsTheRealAJ