1. Homestar Runner
  2. Bored.com
    Used to be on this allllll the time in high school.
  3. Ask Jeeves
    Before Google was cool.
  4. Blue Mountain
    My introduction to e-cards.
  5. Salad Fingers
    This webseries creeped me the f out but I loved it so much.
  6. Live Journal
    All our emo asses writing novellas.
  7. Addicting Games
    97% of these games sucked but the other 3% could bring endless joy.
  8. Newgrounds
    I played the games on here when addicting games got less addicting.
  9. Xanga
    Suggested by @ItsTheRealAJ
  10. Miniclip.com
    Was the coolest gaming site at my jr high lol
    Suggested by @ItsTheRealAJ