So, you want to do the play-by-play for NFL or NCAA football games? These helpful tips will get you started.
  1. Have a mediocre career as a player or coach.
  2. When on camera, stare awkwardly at your broadcast partner while they are talking, being sure to nod your head occasionally.
  3. If you know nothing about a player, refer to them as a "class act" or "great locker room guy"
  4. 4th and Goal situations are a great time to question the head coach's decision making.
  5. Rely on your sideline reporter. Their insightful, informed opinions are invaluable.
  6. Be sure your audience knows that the replay official requires "indisputable video evidence" to overturn a call on the field. Repeat this phrase often.
  7. When a player is injured, solemnly discuss the league's concussion protocol until the commercial break.
  8. Make sure everyone knows the yellow line is not official.