How much money could I save if I cut out some bullshit?
  1. Smoothies and juice
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    Juice bars are overpriced and you can make it just as easy at home. But that convenience can be a life saver, and eating healthy outside of your home is rarely cheap.
  2. Comic books
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    I heard they just released a graphic novel based on Andre the Giant's life. I'll see if that ones available tomorrow.
  3. Going out for lunch
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    Yeah, but the office gets so stale. Fresh air, fresh food, and quality time with your mates.
  4. Coffee
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    This was a rare occasion of mixing coffee with iced Topo Chico. So rare in fact, it only happened once. Also the only picture of coffee on my phone.
  5. Cell phone data
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    If I take a look at myself right now, me changing back to 2 gigs is against all odds.
  6. Skate videos
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    I can't remember the last time I paid for a skate video, maybe New Years Dae or The Deathwish Video, but I used to buy the shit out of vhs tapes. Now, the Internet is a fantastic place full of free content. Soak it in.
  7. Books
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    My friend Zain's sister wrote a fantastic book of stories. Get a copy now. Annie, if you're on list app I'll find you.
  8. More lunch
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    Seriously... I eat out too much
  9. Drinks
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    It's so easy to get carried away. Have you ever bought Bud Light at a Jets game? Don't
  10. Sweets
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    My only defense against sweets is not seeing it. Once we lock eyes, game over.
  11. Tv shit
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    With a free channel that plays Rocky marathons on the regs, who needs Netflix?
  12. Clothes
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    Gotta keep the game tight. Stay fresh to death.
  13. Uber
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    I could've easily taken a bus or train, most likely a combo, but I opted for a ride from a stranger who doesn't shut up. Why? Because free waters, air conditioning, and no crazy LA homeless man didn't pee on his dirty feet then fall asleep in the back seat for an hour.
  14. Gasoline
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    On average, this hog gets 58.17 mpg. My primary source of transportation and I love taking long rides in and around the city.
  15. Laundry
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    Even though my clothes are being cleaned, the laundromat always makes me feel icky.
  16. Rent
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    The rent is too damn high
  17. Grooming
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    Men in their mid-thirties shouldn't experiment with extreme hairstyles. Let's just say I took one for the team.
  18. Vape
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    Just kidding, I would never vape. I do however have this great picture of a coworker blowing a vape-cano. Thanks for reading my list.