1. The Knicks miss the lottery by a pick or two
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    We know KP has the potential to be the real deal. We know the additions of Lopez and Afflalo will add depth and experience to the team. We know Melo is Melo, and we know Fish is Fish. But they're missing a lot of pieces, notably in the 4 spot. Melo can play well there, but leaving the 3 open to a lanky rookie is dangerous, good and bad outcomes considered. The missing pieces would make them competitive, but right now you have a half decent team that won't figure it out until April.
  2. Lil' B's curse lives on in Houston
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    Lil' B 'reactivated' his curse on superstar 2 James Harden of the Houston Rockets. This can only mean one thing: a competitive season and a top 4 finish in the West that leads to a first round exit in the playoffs. Forget about team chemistry and Dwight Howard's ability to shoot free throws or conduct himself in a professional manner for once in his entire career. The curse of Lil' B is real, and fans in Houston should consider moving to Dallas or San Antonio, but mostly San Antonio.
  3. The Nets give Boston the top pick in next year's draft
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    The Nets are NOT the worst team in basketball. That accolade belongs to the 76ers, as of now. However, if you look at the Nets' roster, there is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, to be excited about. Your 3 main guys are Joe Johnson, a washed up 2 guard who is vastly overpaid; Brook Lopez, a guy who spends more time worried about his feet than a podiatrist, and Thad Young, who is a good player, but not exceptional. Behind them, I'm not sure I can name you a single guy on that team.
  4. Both teams in LA take a step in the right direction
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    The Clippers avoided the disaster of losing DeAndre Jordan by creating a lesser, more entertaining disaster: kidnapping DeAndre Jordan. Slated to join his hometown Mav's, DeAndre was "hanging out" with several Clippers players "under his own will." In keeping the big man, the Clips assembled their team to make a formidable run at the West. On the other end, the Lakers have a semi-healthy Kobe, 2 top draft picks making their season debut, and Roy Hibbert up front. They can make it work, maybe.
  5. More woes for the Six
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    Toronto finished last year's regular season on a high note. In came the Wizards, sweeping them clean and abruptly bouncing them from an Eastern Playoff Bracket they hoped to make it to the end of. They added DeMare Carroll and failed project Bismack Biyombo to help them solidify on defense, but their offense will fall well short of last year's, as the departures of Grievis Vasquez to Milwaukee and Lou Williams heading to the Lake Show will leave stars DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowrey by themselves.